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Updated innovative product lines from time to time for its pleasure and grace that always generated without neglecting the Essence and Sustainability of High Quality Natural Ingredients and Raw Materials.
We also encourage our customers to have their own experience creating their own scent and base according to their mood of concept as their Signature will be


Plant base had been passed down by our ancestors that many of us had rejected. Moreover, many traditional remedies are now being rediscovered and reused.

Combining beauty with wellness, where people want plant-base ingredients in their beauty products, which is why we want to incorporate those amazing plants into our products. Formerly developed and Freshly made to order


Derived by nature and local wisdom, empowered by its local people and farmers surround,
encourage us to cultivate the beauty of Indonesian traditional culture that massively having traditional recipes and natural resources which worth taking that claim to some of one world’s most popular spa treatment products which has been coming from ancient beauty facts that proceed for centuries.

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