Inner sense of beauty is a Nature direct expression of Divine imagination.

One of the most exciting parts of how we make natural skincare and amenities products is getting to work with the vast array of botanical ingredients available to the formulators.
Our formulator team gets excited by the opportunity to work with herbs, leaves, stalks, roots, petals, buds, barks, seeds and flowers

We understand that everyone has their own unique of concepts, Company has their own ideas to develop and to explore something impressive for their own benchmark. so we encourage our customer to find out which botanical ingredients work best for their market when they are choosing the right ones for their formulation.

Giving and providing something different but remarkable and elegant for staying guests at the luxury Hotel, Villa & Resort, Spa Industry, Boutique hotel, also for Wedding gifts as well as for Corporate Special Events or Compliments.

Bali Spa Nature is delighted for any idea and thought that every customer is looking for, whether modern, classic, traditional, elegant or something chic..

We will draw, formulate and present the final into high -end finished products

Professional Spa Product

As some of Customers haven’t got any concept or ideas of the treatment they want to use in their professional product ritual to have in their Spa treatment room, we have formulated body treatments in few different product ranges

These treatments may be extended and customized according to their concept, ideas and benefit needed.

For the professional purposes, we provide the packaging into 1 kg & 5 kg.

  • Javanese Royal Treatment

Ancient Beauty treatment originated from Royal Family in Central Java which has been last for centuries. Used as ritual for Javanese princesses for 40 days as purifying properties to exfoliate the dead skin cells, smoothened, and shine their skin as they prepared for the most important of days, called “Wedding Day”….

In Java, Many Secrets of Health and Beauty were created using natural spices and herbs for the benefit of the Royal Family.. and now is brought to you so that you Enjoy the truly traditional Javanese Royal ritual to bring forth fresh, new skin cell generation.

Royal Javanese Massage Oil
Ancient traditional massage oil is one step for circulatory system to calm down skin tension and start the relaxation for sore muscle. Soothe yet warming… a glowing healthy skin is the bonus

Royal Javanese Foam Bath
Let you bath the secret of delightful aroma of Javanese Royal Family for body and spirit. Natural essential oils of Cananga and Spice possess therapeutic properties that can soothe your skin and relax muscles and joints, and stimulate the blood circulation

Royal Javanese Lulur Scrub
Uniquely created in Powder, Gel or Cream blended with finely ground spices and botanical extracts to lift out impurities without drying the skin as purifying ritual properties for princesses.
This Lulur scrub will effectively remove dead skin cells, bringing forth fresh, new exposed skin.

Royal Javanese Herbal Bath
Soaking in a herbal bath is one of the easiest ways to unwind… Natural Botanical Herbs adding to this product possess therapeutic properties that can soothe your skin and relax muscles and joints that benefit the body, mind and spirit

Royal Javanese Moisturizing Cream
The rich moisturizing properties in this cream is uniquely created for skin’s new energy. Contains of ylang-ylang, ginger and vetiver essential oil to soothe and take care of skin elasticity.

  • Balinese Heritage Treatment

From the village remedy of farmers in Bali which has been handed down through generation, and has been recognised as traditional medicine called “Boreh”.
The history is that the hand-crushed spice would be applied on the legs after a day’s work of standing in the water tending the rice.
It is believed to help warm the body, relieving aching joints and sore muscles as well as help to relieve headaches. The warming blend would be left on during an evenings sleep, especially during the cold and rainy season.
As a result, this treatment is brought to you with fervor to present & complete a traditional classic Balinese Fascinating story.

Balinese Heritage Massage Oil

A Balinese classic warming oil to relieve aching joints and sore muscles. Herbal oil contains of Ginger, Coriander, Cinnamon & Sweet Orange essential oil that specially formulated with an easy-light massage to

Balinese Heritage Fresh & Warm Scrub

Produced in your choice of your preferred finished scrub whether in powder, gel or cream. The internationally most wanted traditional spices exfoliator to remove impurities & dead skin cells without drying with warming effect as the purpose and to complete your traditional and natural spa remedy

Balinese Heritage Boreh Mask

Boosting circulation, revitalizing skin tone and providing a warm sensation, this Bali Boreh Body Mask may come in powder or cream and is recommended for those that need to relax.

Traditional herbal treatment with exotic spices has a stimulating and warming effect to bring comfort to body aches and pains.

Bali Breezy Body Wash

Intense traditional Balinese scent in the shower to experience of the Bali Mandi bath. The note of essential oils and rich of botanical resources are true good intense of spice island journey from  the island of Gods

Balinese Heritage Body Lotion

A light water base moisturizer after shower and accomplish your spa treatment or home spa, enriched with natural active ingredient of plant cellulose and honey to soften and silk-feel skin as its absorbing and warm feeling with its active essential oils

  • Lightening & cooling Treatment

Skin depigmentation to lighten skin color and even skin tone has been practiced since ancient times. The use of plant-based treatments to lightened dark colored skin has long been popular among Asian, African, Middle Eastern and South American cultures.

Bali Spa Nature formulates Lightening and Cooling Treatment to brighten the skin from the dulling and blotching effect for all women & men to address age-related dark spots, skin pigmentation, freckles and other skin pigmentation disorders. Improve all complexions

Sense of Balance Massage Oil

Known as its ability to lift the mood & stimulate the senses. The touch of the blend essential oil mix of lavender, green tea and cypress is perfectly balanced your body & mind


Sense of Balance Scrub

Designed with your relationship to the elements in mind, this mixture helps to bring balance to them all. Shed your old skins and falsehoods placed upon your body with this gentle exfoliating mixture scrub from finest nature ingredients.


Sense of Balance Body Mask

An exquisite skin treatment hand crafted from nature finest ingredients to pamper the skin as the next level treatment to purify your skin and increase moisture retention as well as bring vital nourishment for the skin.


Sense of Balance Foam Bath

Gently cleanse and soak yourself in this foam bath to balance off the skin. Carefully formulated blends of comforting lavender aling with cypress to help skin in need of moisture boost.


Sense of Balance Body Conditioner

A silky-feel moisturizer made of natural active ingredient of shea butter and rose to soften skin. Lovely Tranquility of ultimate soothing tonic skin conditioner. Combination sensuous essential oil of cypress along with lavender oil and green tea extract designs to tone the skin and restores healthy skin


  • Sense of Balance Treatment

The use of essential oils for emotional well-being is what is often first thought of when someone thinks of the term “Aromatherapy” for your sense of Balance.

Enhance your emotional outlook and provide support and help balance your emotions during the day. Pen to the world and let them see the true, beautiful you with this treatment range

Lightening Silky Massage Butter

Specially formulated to give a natural way of youthful radiance to the first step of the massage. Enriched with seed butter are well aware to re-mineralizing & softening very dry skin.

Lightening Almond Body Scrub

Almond has been used for centuries to give a youthful radiance and glow to dull and damaged skin. In fact it cleanses the skin deeply,rejuvenates and improves the complexion.

Well blended with ground oat scented with ylang-ylang & lemon essential oil to soften, clarifies and lift out impurities. This favourite natural lightening scrub provided in powder and cream formula.



Lightening Smoothie White Mask

Traditionally created to sluice toxins from deeper skin surface. Enriched with super delightfully yogurt, milk and plant extract to clarify and bright to dull and damaged skin. The result is smooth new exposed skin



Oat Milk Bath Powder

Oat Milk Bath turns bath water milky white for a delightfully fragrant, softening and moisturizing soak. Oat extracts, full of proteins and lipids, allow for rapid hydration of the skin. Renews, clarifies and calms the spirit.

Finely ground salts are carefully blended with dried milk and oat proteins to soak away impurities.



Lightening & Cooling Shower Cream

Hydrating and calming to irritated skin conditions, this richly Shower cream contains of active plant agent to clarify and bright to dull skin


Sun Protection Lightening Lotion

Contains of Sunscreen complex with active botanical extracts to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.  Specially formulated to avoid damage and/or darkening of the skin

  • Slimming/ Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Skin depigmentation to lighten skin color and even skin tone has been practiced since ancient times. The use of plant-based treatments to lightened dark colored skin has long been popular among Asian, African, Middle Eastern and South American cultures.

Bali Spa Nature formulates Lightening and Cooling Treatment to brighten the skin from the dulling and blotching effect for all women & men to address age-related dark spots, skin pigmentation, freckles and other skin pigmentation disorders. Improve all complexions

Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

An easily absorbed blend of oils, well known for their stimulating and toning effects. Help disperse water and fat detoxifying and reducing the appearance of cellulite


Anti Cellulite Body Scrub

Either in Powder or Salt Scrub formula,  Prepare your skin to better absorb other toning/anti cellulite products. This deep cleansing scrub gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, simultaneously detoxifying and increasing blood circulation

Anti Cellulite Body Mask

Allow deeper absorption into skin to lift out impurities with moisturizing properties. The natural plant extract and Essential oils derived from like grapefruit, fennel and juniper can help relieve some of these symptoms such as hormone imbalances, skin problems by assisting the body in ridding itself of unwelcome toxins

Anti cellulite/ Toning Coffee Moisturizing Cream

This is a Must try cream and one of the best way to do by apply on affected cellulite area for a great addition to Anti cellulite/Toning treatment.

Private / White Label

We understand that having Retail products are not merely profitable but they are more into Branding Awareness and Vision of every Company and Personal Preference.

For a truly Personalization Service with complimentary from the tailor-made products and fragrances with attractive packaging by using your own logo, applied for Your Brand of Beauty products on boxes or on the bottle containers,
Guest supplies and Room Amenities, Spa and Personal Retail

Bali Spa Nature is ready to advise from dynamic formulation product, design and concept with in-house manufacturing to engage what customer’s aiming under their own brand into high-end finished product

Amenities and Accessories

Hotel and Villa amenities as well as Spa accessories Presentation is A set of Statement; moreover, it describes a class of service and life style.

To tell more of the concept of your Luxury Villa, Hotel and Resort, Spa and Restaurant, Boutique Hotel and Homes,
Bali Spa Nature will assist you to create Bath & Room Accessories, including Compendium, Console and Amenities Trays, Menu holders, Exclusive Candles, Tissue Box, Candle Holder, Room Diffuser etc, which we also handle to design and customized material
to bring forth your concept on to table.

Special Event

An event or A gift is a way to reward, appreciate and socialize with clients, colleagues, and guests.

Make your special moment such as Wedding, House Warming, Hotel, Villa, Resort and Spa opening, Birthday or Company Parties as well as welcome guest compliments with personalized individual gift or even gift set package to make your company uneven and the special occasion a precious one.

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