Discover the legendary renewing power of the Nature ~ there's a true love story in every product we create

Intuitively, we knew that Nature is very good for us as Human and the sacred of the earth divine the connection of life form,
as the result of high quality natural products are beyond amazing, how they work on the body, spirit and mental health.

Innovation Starts Here...


We are one stop Manufacturer especially in PRIVATE LABELLING for customer’s brand awareness as their Signature Products as one of Brand awareness image.

For more than 10 years experiences, Bali Spa Nature has manufactured Customised Beauty and Spa Product Wellness, Private Label Beauty Product, Gift Giving to Compliment Package for Corporate Sales and Retails forLuxury Resort, Spa and Vllla as well as Hotel amenities and Guest Supplies for Locals and Overseas customers

We proud ourselves to work with all customers to create Their Own Branding on Various Products.

We Design, Formulate and Manufacture the products in-house to the customers’ desire and need with small minimum quantity order.  BALI SPA NATURE operates within Customer’s budget and deliver an Outstanding Quality Product.

We will enable our customers to run their business to have the Stay-cation by taking out the hard work and donot need to worrying about all products manufacturing, so they can spend more time to grow their business.



Sustainability is taking step to replace, protect or conserve natural resources.
“1 Corporate Sales or 1 Private label Sales for 1 Tree” is as one of our positive commitments as an Environment friendly approach to honor the earth and life.

It is also important to think carefully how we handle waste-management, how to reuse, recycle and recyclable packaging we use

As a company that very much concern of Natural Quality product, we want to spread goodness, therefore do not use Artificial Chemicals nor Harmful Ingredients in all our products created.

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Jl. Tukad Badung III no. 14, Renon Denpasar Selatan . Bali - Indonesia

Jl. Gunung Anyar Sawah no. 73 RT 002, RW 004, Surabaya - Indonesia

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