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Be calm, Unwind and Revitalized...

Retail and Merchandising

We present the exclusive and high-quality Individual product;
packed for personal use at home self-pampering as well as attractive for gift options
for loved ones, colleagues or business partners and friends without minimum order.

Immerse yourself into our HAIR, FACE, BATH & BODY, Home Product Retail and
Base Collection;
you will create a moment of luxurious pleasure and escape. Choose from Intensive Hair Care Products, splendid & malleable Face products,
Silky, relaxing, exquisite, rejuvenating Bath & Body products as well as
Home Pampering.
Enrichedwith pure active ingredients, natural oils and plant extracts you can nurture and nourish even the most dehydrated skin,
top to toe care-products to protect your entire skin.

Giving our fully support of Zero Waste Mission,
We encourage individuals by starting using a refill products.
Pick the container and refill OR bring your own container, and you will only pay what is inside.

Gift Giving

Elegantly wrapped from imaginative design, scents, creamy soaps, candlelight
in a luxurious…
Modern contemporary or traditional pre packed gift set to endlessly and effortlessly
customised to allow you to create your own custom-made gift
for your cherished ones or just for your lovely home scenting giftand life style.

The Collection

If each scent starts telling of the journey, the collections create its story…

Once you have ablaze on a scent you love – perhaps the favorite scent combinations of the tempting luscious floral,
juicy fruity or the secrecy of scenting –
discover the Shower and Foam bath, Soaps, Candles and Room Scent Diffuser, Linen spray, Body Mist, Body & hand lotions as well as body crèmes breaking your desire.

Experienceand enjoy their exquisite, multi-layered effects.

Get In Touch:

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Jl. Gunung Anyar Sawah no. 73 RT 002, RW 004, Surabaya - Indonesia

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